Marketing Your Business Online In Las Vegas


Once you make a decision to begin or continue your online marketing efforts, the next step is to think about how you’ll spend your time and budget. You’ll need to decide how much of the work you can do yourself and how much of the you’ll want help with. .

Following is an outline to help you understand the process we use to get maximum exposure while marketing a business online. These are 12 steps and 12 very different jobs. Each step is a specialty in it’s own right.

1. Local we begin where the most traffic is, Google. Local SearchThey give us a great deal of tools to work with. One of those is Google plus. Combine it with a Google local page and this combination has the potential to get a ton of new traffic. Of course we don’t stop with Google, there is an endless supply of local directories we can add a business to.

2. Video is very popular these days and Google is adding them to the search results in record numbers. For this reason if you create an interesting video it could generate more traffic to your website.

3. Website creation is what’s going to help your customers learn about your products or services. Your website should be more than just an ad though. Keywords, actually key phrases of 1-4 words are what people type in to find your site. Example “best pizza Las Vegas” is what someone might type in Google if they want to try a new pizza place. If you had a pizza shop and found a high number of people were searching for that phrase it would be wise to have a page telling them why you have the best pizza in town. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were looking for that, to find a page with all the information on it. Customer testimonials, ingredients, a video of you making the best pizza in town. You get the idea I’m sure, it takes more than just any website to make a new customer.

4. Mobile website for the local business is essential if you want new customers to find you. Most searches by people on the road are done using a mobile phone. They are usually looking for an address or phone number. More and more though, people are also looking for reviews of a business while on their mobile phone. It should load fast, have the information people are looking for and also have a nice design.

5. SEO or search engine optimization is the job of making your site readable to the search engines. Moving up in the search results is a popularity contest, the more popular you are the closer to number one you’ll get.

6. Content is the creation of information relevant to your visitors interests. Good content will be shared by your visitors with their friends who will then visit your online properties. They’ll get more information about you and your service and become customers.

7. Graphics creation should enhance the look and feel of your content, a nice header image and logo shows that you are legitimate, someone who can be trusted. Nice images on a page helps to tell your story.

8. Paid Advertising will get you in front of your customers right away for whatever budget you want to spend. Warning: you have to be careful, if you get this wrong it can cost you a large portion of your budget.  MORE INFORMATION

9. Social marketing is all about talking to people who think like you do. Offering great information and asking your friends to share with their friends so you get more friends. Social can help you create a following for your services or products.

10. List building helps you keep customers in the know about your services, products, specia

11. Security there are people out there who would like to hack your site for various reasons. Keeping code up to date is essential, backing up your site on regular basis is mandatory. Changing passwords regularly is, changes, etc.

12. Analytic’s brings all your efforts together with regular reports. You have look at what your customers are doing or not doing on your site if you want to improve your marketing. You should know who comes to your site, from where and whether they become customers or not. You especially want to know which marketing efforts are working and what is not.